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Our Premium Selection offers a series of refurbished, used Ellepot machines.

The integrated Ellepot Propagation System is known for its high quality, reliability, and stability. With machines from our premium selection, you get that same reliability, high quality, and service at attractive prices and high warranty.

When our customers experience the efficiencies of using our system, after a period of time, many of them find it lucrative to upgrade their Ellepot machinery for even further optimizing of their production. Ellepot machines are made to last, so when customers upgrade, we take back their existing machinery, refurbish the necessary parts, and place them in our premium selection.

Ellepot only offers you used machines that have passed through a standardized and strict quality inspection and that have met several criteria of functionality and efficiency.

This solution could be ideal for new customers who would like to try the Ellepot System for propagation for the first time, or customers who are considering investing in a different type of machine than they already have.



  • 6 months guarantee – with the opportunity of extension
  • 360-degree mechanical and surface check
  • Attractive rental, leasing and financing options
  • We only use original spare parts for refurbishing
  • Should there be any mechanical errors, Ellepot is responsible during the warranty period
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The approved machines are tested and checked in accordance with a quality procedure prepared by Ellepot, which is similar to the inspection submitted to all new machines before they leave our assembly line in Denmark. During the Ellepot Premium Selection certification phase, the entire machine and its systems, components and functions are checked by our trained and certified expert technicians. Our experienced team knows the essential wear parts and make sure parts are replaced with new - or alternatively evaluated to be in excellent condition. 

We offer you safety in a special class – just like our new machines. Ellepot guarantees the quality of all certified used machines. So, in case of the slightest occurrence of irregularity, we will promptly correct it. Furthermore, we assure you that if the machines have been repaired, only original spare parts have been used.

As result of this thorough inspection, the selected machines are delivered with a warranty similar to the new machines. In other words, you get quality and safety with Ellepot Premium Selection.



With Ellepot Premium Selection, we have full transparency, as we know the history of each machine in depth. As part of being a one-stop-shop, all Ellepot machines are always serviced by our own technicians. This means that we have all service inspections, maintenance work and technical modifications well-documented.

Premium service

When you as a customer choose to purchase an Ellepot premium Selection machine, you will automatically obtain premium service as well. So, you may rest assured that our service engineers are ready to assist you worldwide with whatever you need, 24/7 - all year round.